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Billings, Montana is my primary area of business.  For most of the year I tune for residential, schools, churches, colleges (including MSU Billings and Northwest College in Powell, WY), and concert artists in and around the Billings area.  I will also travel to a number of cities in Montana as the need arises.  Being a traveling tuner and technician I am able to provide professional services in various parts of the country as many locales do not have qualified piano tuners available.

While many professional piano tuners are only focused within one city and the surrounding area, my business extends to other states.  Even though my primary clientele resides in and around the Billings, MT area, I have established a client base that extends from Montana, Wyoming and Arizona to North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Because I enjoy traveling, seeing customers in a variety of locations is a key strength of my business.

Small towns and remote locations often do not have experienced piano tuners available.  By traveling to various parts of the country during the year I am able to provide a valuable service to homes and businesses that might not otherwise be available.  And since most pianos require a regular annual tuning, my travel schedule means that customers can have their pianos tuned at least once a year.


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“Being a traveling tuner means that I get to meet new people in various parts of the country.”

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